Hi, I'm Lindsey and I live in Santa Barbara, CA with my husband Paul and my two sons Pearson and Owen.  I was born and raised in this gorgeous city and moved back in 2013 for the birth of our first baby boy.  I feel lucky to have been raised in such a beautiful town and can't imagine raising my own children anywhere else.  Aside from it's stunning landscape, the architecture in Santa Barbara is something so special and dear to my heart.  I try and pay homage to these surroundings in every space I design.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Loyola Marymount University, I realized I needed to pursue a business career that was creative and would draw on a personal passion -- design.

After two years of working in the world of Marketing I decided to follow my dream and enrolled in the UCLA Extension Interior Design Program.  I completed the program in 2009 and ultimately received my Master in Interior Architecture from Cal Poly Pomona.

From 2007 to 2013, I worked for a highly regarded Design Firm in Los Angeles. It was there that I learned the ins and outs of the industry and gained invaluable on the job experience.  The company took more of a traditional approach to design and helped me gain an appreciation for antiques and things I would not normally consider in my design palette.  

Now that I have branched out on my own, I love to mix modern and vintage design in order to create something truly unique.  I'm not against placing an Ikea bookshelf next to a Louis XVI armchair.  I absolutely love mixing bold patterns and pairing unsuspecting colors.  If I had to describe my style I would use words like Modern, Bohemian, and Eclectic.  

I ultimately believe that your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle no matter what your budget is!