Outdoor Living

I spent last weekend in my hometown; Santa Barbara, CA.  As I get older I realize just how lucky I am to have grown up with such beautiful surroundings!  Every time I visit I find myself inspired in one way or another.  This weekend was no exception.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and it kept me outside all day.  I visited three different backyard spaces and couldn't help but think about how I would one day design a yard of my own.  Here are some ideas I've come up with....


I've always loved the idea of having a hammock in the backyard.  Growing up we had one of the classic rope-style hammocks that was hung between two trees.  My sister and I would wrap ourselves up like a cocoon and swing from side to side, usually hitting the neighbors fence with a little too much force.  This is a great update to the original concept.  It's beautiful, inviting and no trees are required! It also comes with different colored cushions, although I prefer the white.


These three spaces all share their use of color.  Your backyard should be a space where you can take risks and have some fun.  Bright pillows and fun accessories can always be swapped out from season to season.  There are so many wonderful outdoor fabrics these days it's easy to create a true living space outside.  

I was shopping at the Pacific Design Center today and came across this great example of some of the new outdoor/indoor fabrics that are available.  Kneedler Fauchere is carrying this new line of Link fabrics.  These can made into pillows and would add a wonderful punch of color placed on a white sofa.  Although white may not seem practical for outdoor use, these fabrics can be literally hosed down and are easily cleaned with a light scrub.

I have coveted this picture for quite some time now.  The Eero Saarinen tulip table is such a classic piece and can be paired with just about anything and I love the idea of putting it outside with these Bertoia Side Chairs.  It's definitely a more retro look that can add a touch of hip to your space.  Remember that round tables are great for dinner parties because you can always squeeze in one more chair and the conversation is easy with everyone in sight.

If you don't want to spend too much time or money, pots are a great way to spruce up your outdoor space.  This one has a great turquoise color and looks like it has been a part of your backyard for some time.

Garden stools such as this one can be used as a base to add some height to smaller pots.  It also doubles as seating when needed.  There are so many of these on the market right now - you can find them in bright colors or a simple lacquered white.  I particularly like this version because it's a bit unexpected and can blend in with any style.