Flower Power

With Summer in full swing I am seeing gorgeous flowers popping up everywhere! We have a rose garden outside our office and having it in bloom makes the work day (a little) more enjoyable.  With this enjoyment I am making a pact with myself to have more fresh flowers in the apartment. Not only do they smell great, but they liven up any space.  Here are some examples of how to freshen up your home with flowers:

I love the idea of using cake stands as a centerpiece - the arrangement is lifted off the surface so everyone can enjoy it. Plus, the colorful stands with the round arrangement is so unique and fun.  I can't wait to steal this idea!

A simple glass vase with my favorite flower - hydrangea. Classic and beautiful.
You don't have to own fancy vases to make a beautiful flower arrangement.  Using a large mug like this adds personality and a bit of an eclectic vibe.

Flowers on the beside table will help make your mornings a little brighter. 

Another example of using found objects as your vase.  I love this idea of using a glass jar and dressing it up with some simple rope. 

Domino, archives
Branches add a sense of structure and height that flowers can't convey.  Simple twigs without any blooms are also a great option - plus, they'll last longer!