Closet Heaven

I am currently working on a modern "bachelor pad" for our young client.  Earlier this week I found myself at the job site discussing the layout of his master closet.  I tried to remain calm as we discussed his customized shoe racks, generous amounts of drawers, hanging space and even pull-out garment rods! As a woman with a slight shopping addiction I could really use a beautiful, large closet.  I couldn't help but chime in throughout the meeting and voice my concern for the lack of compartments that may be needed in the future - when the owner is no longer a bachelor.  Later that night I began to research various closet designs for my files.  Here are a few that caught my eye...

Everything here is neatly tucked away behind cabinetry.  This allows the gorgeous carved French doors to steal all the attention!

I like the simple, streamlined look of this closet.  The clothes are the showpiece in this space.

This is a girl's dream - all of the shoes and handbags out for display.  I also think it's a great idea to incorporate a window so you can see the colors of your items in the natural sunlight.

Can you imagine never having to dig through a jewelry box and untangle your necklaces again? These drawers are definitely not a necessity but would be a wonderful luxury!

From the set of Sex and the City this closet represents both the masculine and feminine side.  The chaise lounge in the center makes for a great place to throw clothes when you're frantically deciding what to wear - a normal occurrence for me.