Vendor Spotlight: Anthropologie

This is a first in a new series where I will highlight different vendors and some of my favorite items from their store.  I would love to just post inspirational images and rooms all day but I think it's always nice to know where great things can be found.  This week I've re-discovered Anthropologie and their lovely home department. 
This is a great twist on your traditional leather sofa.  I can see it in a traditional or a more modernized home.

I'm not crazy about this fabric (although, in the right place it could work) but I absolutely adore the silhouette of this chair!

I love the natural finish on this reclaimed pine cabinet.  It looks like something that's been around for years and was passed down.  But don't be deceived by the amount of drawers - it's a false facade that houses only three drawers on the left and one large door on the right (with 3 adjustable shelves behind). 

These coffee tables would work in front of a sofa or sectional because their size can be manipulated by sliding one table out more or pushing it to the side.  It also never hurts to have more than one surface - if your anything like me, you have a selection of magazines on it at all times!

This is an example of some of the unique lighting fixtures they carry.  They even sell hardwired chandeliers and pendants so be sure to check them out.