Creating an Art Wall

Finding artwork for your walls is not an easy task, but figuring out how to hang it can be even harder!  Should all the pieces be symmetrical? Scattered? A lot of people stress over an art wall and the right layout for a space. 


 I Personally love when pieces aren't lined up perfectly.  It creates a more relaxed atmosphere that isn't taken too seriously.  When creating this look, you want to make sure you keep the same amount of space showing between the frames.  Otherwise it will look a little too messy and unorganized.  If you want to create an even more pulled together look, use images that connect with one another or have a theme as shown here.


Stairways and hallways are great areas to display artistic snapshots and family portraits.  Even though the images here aren't lined up perfectly, you can still see a sense of rhythm and organization.  The frames gradually make their way up the stairway in a consistent pattern.  Since it can be difficult to plan your attack on a curved wall like this I have a little trick - Take the fake photos that usually come inside new frames and use painters tape to layout the sheets on the wall.  Once you're satisfied with the layout just hammer the nail directly above the taped image!

If you're going to do an art wall...why not go crazy and fill up an entire wall?  This layout plays upon the architecture of the room and accentuates the tall ceiling.  The common denominator in this space is the lack of color - All of the images have a vintage feel with either a sepia or black & white tone.  When hanging this many pieces it's a good idea to stick with one color for all the frames and classic black always works.  Also notice how the frame styles are scattered throughout the wall. You don't want to have all of the thick frames on one side.  Make sure you separate similar frames so the wall feels balanced.

If you want a polished look you can hang your art in an organized and streamlined layout.  In this case, I suggest using the same frame and mat style throughout the wall as seen here.