Herringbone Happy

Herringbone - either you love it or you hate it.  I personally love it! This classic pattern can be found throughout the design world.  Whether it's on a men's suit or the side of a building; it always seems to bring a sense of style.  Just be sure to use it sparingly because too much of this geometric pattern can make you a bit dizzy...

I have a slight obsession with herringbone wood floors. They work beautifully in both traditional and modern spaces and never go out of style.

To create a high impact use contrasting colors as seen here.  Although it may be a little bold for some, I think it's a nice addition to a bathroom - a space that you (hopefully) don't spend too much time in.

This over scaled version of the pattern creates a highly unique garage door that will add style to any home.

You can create a subtle impact by using soft, neutral colors.   The sheer quality of this drape also adds to a more relaxed sensibility.

I just discovered this new product line from Flor - can you believe these are carpet tiles?! So chic.