Cozy Up: Fabulous Fireplaces

First of all, I want to apologize for neglecting my blogging duties. We are in the midst of two large installations at work and things are crazy to say the least! My only comfort these days is this wonderful Fall weather.  I love coming home and bundling up in blankets and pouring myself a cup of my new winter blend tea (sounds cheesy I know, but it's true!).  It's too bad our new apartment doesn't have a fireplace.  I absolutely loved the fireplace at our last place.  Not only did it give great ambient light and set a certain mood, but it allowed us to never use the heater!  As I dreamed of lighting a fire last night I decided to do some research and came across these fabulous fireplaces.
This is a traditional fireplace but the sleek stone slab gives it a great modern twist.
This is a stone reproduction of an antique fireplace.  The high mantel works great in a large space - it's the kind of fireplace you can almost stand inside of and get realllly warm.

For a more modern space this low profile fireplace with a gray facade would work beautifully.
Similar to the Exquisite Surfaces fireplace, this is more traditional in styling. However, it's smaller scale lends itself to more apartment living. And of course, there is always the hearingbone firebox that I absolutely love!
Here's another modern approach with a more sleek, built-in appearance.  If it were me, I'd defenitely put a great piece of art for those downlights to highlight.