Bridesmaid Gifts

What do you get the fabulous ladies that stand beside you on your big day?? I struggled with this for quite some time. First I wanted to get them some sort of lounge wear suit (think Juicy but not so trendy) but I figured that was way too played out - not to mention the fact that it was a bit pricey when you times it by 5. 

So after searching and searching I found these cute orange and white striped totes from that went well with my peach and lavender color scheme. Now I just had to fill them with something.... I thought a shawl would be a great filler and could be used on the day of the wedding. I also found these for a steal at Forever.  And then for something a little special...I found these perfect gold plated wishbone necklaces from Etsy. Of course I had to get one for myself! 

To top it off I also paid for their hair and makeup for the wedding. 
Not that any of them needed professional help! - They are all so insanely gorgeous.