DIY: Candle Favors

A while back I showed you a sneak peek of my wedding favors & asked if you could guess what's inside...

I bet you didn't guess home made custom candles?!

Once again my amazing girlfriend Katie helped me pull this together. Okay...maybe she pretty much did the whole thing herself but I was there to help! She's done this before and had most of the supplies (and knowledge!) so it was a no-brainer.


1. Clean the glass containers
2. Glue the wicks to the glass
3. Cut the wax - We used a clay cutting tool similar to this.
4. Measure out the pounds of wax (we did approx. 4lbs per container but it depends on your glass size)
5. Measure out the scent (1 oz of scent per 1lb of wax) - I obviously chose a "Pear" scent
6. Melt the wax to 200°F
7. Remove the wax from heat
8. Let cool to 170 degrees and add the scent
9. Let the wax continue to cool to 160 degrees and pour the scent into the glasses
10. Hold the wicks in place with the holders and let cool overnight
11. Cut the wicks
12. Use a cloth to wipe off any excess wax that may have dripped on the glass
13. Put them in the boxes, throw in a match book and tie a bow

They looked so professional that people didn't believe they were custom made. 
Thanks Katie!!!

*For more info on candle making and supplies visit Natures Garden