DIY Re-do: Tape Painting

Every day I seem to pin a new DIY project on Pinterest.  
They usually just sit there on my board never to be seen again...
Well guess what?! I actually did one!  I attempted to re-create this Tape Painting found here.

Not sure if it even compares to the original but I thought it was worth sharing...

I had these leftover canvases from one of my wedding and thought I would put them to good use. 

While at the hardware store I picked up some gold spray paint. Unfortunately I struggled to get an even coat of color. The stupid can kept splattering everywhere so I just went with it and created this sort of acid washed gold look. Call me lazy but I didn't want to start over! 

If I were to do it again I would get this spray attachment seen in this video.

Next, I taped off the canvases with some blue tape I had lying around. Once again, I did not want to have to spend any money on this DIY. If you were starting fresh I may look into a thinner tape for a different look.

I then broke out my trusty acrylic paints that have lived under my bed for years!
I decided to go with different blue-gray tones as opposed to a variety of colors. 

Now comes the fun part....just mix the colors and paint! 
I honestly could just sit and paint for hours. It's so relaxing! And a little therapeutic :) 

Just remember - when it comes to painting near the tape be sure to keep the brush in an upright position and sort of sponge on the color. This will help prevent paint from going under the tape and ruining that clean line.

Let it dry and pull off the tape!