Wedding Flashback!

I just received this little (amazing) wedding video from the lovely and talented Chach Hernandez.
Paul and I had no intentions of hiring a videographer for our wedding. 
We just didn't think it was necessary.

Luckily our photographer had asked if his friend could tag along to shoot video of the wedding in order to build his portfolio. We casually said said "sure. why not." 
Might be nice to have some footage here and there...

All I can say is...I'm SO glad we did!! This isn't your mother's wedding video. 
This is artistic, fun, and something we will always cherish.  Brings me right back to that day.

Thanks Chach!!

Lindsey + Paul from Chach Hernandez on Vimeo.

I also want to give out a long overdue thank you to our friend and wedding planner Shelley Eschleman of Simply Santa Barbara Events.  Looking at the set-up on this video reminds me that she was there orchestrating everything while i was primping. Couldn't have done it without her!