Honeymoon Fever

After getting married back in May we are finally gearing up for our honeymoon in just 10 days!!!!!
I feel like I've been waiting FOREVER!  
Not only will we be celebrating our marriage but the completion of my husbands first round of nursing school.  I'm so proud of him for embarking on this new career and he definitely deserves this vacay.

We would be happy going anywhere but we are lucky enough to be going to the beautiful island of Moorea in the French Polynesia. It's about 9 miles away from the Tahiti.
And it looks a lil' something like this....

And we will be staying in something like this....

With all this excitement the girl in me is frantically trying to figure out what to pack!  I'm pretty sure I'll just be living in my bikini but if money was no object (and I looked good in anything) I would probably be packing some of this:

Honeymoon Bag