I'm Still Here.

Blog? What Blog????

That's pretty much been my response when people ask me why I haven't been blogging lately.  
But in all honesty, I haven't forgotten!! 
I've actually missed having a place to share my life happenings....

and let me tell you - there has been a LOT happening over here!!
(hence why I have been MIA)

So here's a quick recap:

Found out we were expecting!
The first trimester was nothing I could really complain about. No morning sickness or any real complications just always feeling insanely exhausted! This is when the blog got thrown to the side.  I had to take care of myself and it required a lot of sleep the second I got home from work. 

Welcomed my new nephew into the world:
Here he is getting some love from the older Bro.  The two of them absolutely melt my heart.  I've always wanted a family of my own but being an Auntie has just sealed the deal. It's the closest love to having one of your own.

Had our big 20 week ultrasound and got our first real look at the baby!

Everyone said it looked just like my husband when he was little.
Until I showed them this image:
Pretty sure my genes are in there somewhere.

We then took a trip to San Francisco to celebrate my bday and our 1yr. wedding anniversary...
The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

Let's not forget a very important envelope we opened up from the Doctor's office:
yikes!! I'm having a boy! I can't believe it. For some reason I was convinced it was a girl (maybe because my sis has two boys and I just thought it was time for a girl).  It took a second to re-adjust my thinking but I am beyond excited!  All I ever cared about was that we were having a healthy baby and so far the little guy has been doing wonderful.  Couldn't ask for more.

If having a baby wasn't enough of a life change, we've also decided to pack it up and move back to our home base.
Santa Barbara, CA.  
I've always wanted to go back (even before the pregnancy) this just gave us the extra push!
I can't imagine raising my family anywhere else.  Not only is it beautiful but we will be with family and our son will get to grow up with his cousins.  These boys are going to get into some trouble!
The big move is in about a month....let the countdown begin!

Phew. That's a lot. 
And I haven't even filled you in on all the other events we've been up to.  
It's summer time so that means lots of weddings, bachelorette parties, showers, etc...
My husband and I haven't had a free weekend since we've found out we were pregnant and we won't have one until after the move.  

Stay tuned. More posts to come. 

I promise.