Half a Year!

I always thought that once PJ was six months it would feel like a HUGE milestone.  I have to say...I think I was right.  Today means that we have raised this amazing baby for six solid months and he's still smiling!  Actually, he is the most smiley dude you will ever meet.

I take him for a walk almost every day (otherwise he goes completely stir crazy in our tiny condo!). Every single time we are out and about strangers will flash a smile his way and he will undoubtedly give them one of these...

Then they immediately say "he is such a happy baby!!"  

Such a nice change from the comments we used to get about him being colicky.

He really has grown up SO much in the past month and he truly does seem happy! Of course he has his moments.  He's a baby after all.  But I couldn't be more pleased with the way he is progressing and seemingly enjoying life.

He's also turned into a little bit of a model over the past couple weeks...

I have no idea where he got his stunning blue eyes and insane good looks but I often find myself just staring at him in awe.

I just hope he doesn't get a big head with everyone telling him how beautiful he is on a daily basis.

We have recently started him on solids and he is pretty obsessed with sweet potatoes.



a bottle a few times and we got SUPER excited.  

He since has fallen back into his old ways and is still apprehensive when it comes near his mouth (frustrating).

He had his first pool experience! The weather here in SoCal has been ridiculous and we couldn't pass up an opportunity to get him in the water.  He was a little unsure at first but I think he liked it. 

I can't wait to get him in the water regularly this summer.  I was never a water baby myself so I hope he takes to it more than I did.

Let's not forget about the gorgeous beach days! He loved watching the waves go in and out. Such a calming experience for both mom and baby!

I've always appreciated the outdoors but I've never considered myself an outdoorsy type of person.  But having a baby and needing to get outside everyday has been such a blessing in disguise! 

I am constantly forced to take in the beautiful scenery that Santa Barbara has to offer.  

I pinch myself everyday knowing that I get to live in such a gorgeous town!  I can't wait for PJ to learn just how lucky he is too.

Happy Six months my little dude. 

Here's to another half a year!! (and beyond)