sourced style

Weekends aren't really a thing for me anymore. I'm a full-time mom right now and the weeks sort of just spill into one another.  I no longer have that excitement I used to get when Friday would come around.  TGIF?? It's all the same to me.  But for some reason Sundays are still pretty lazy around these parts.  We take a moment to sit back and just relax as a family.  Except for when the little guy wants our full undivided attention (which is pretty constant these days!). But nap time....ahhh that's the best.  I like to bust out the computer and troll Pinterest like it's my job.  I guess it kind of is part of my job.

Today I'm loving this simple laid back bedroom I recently found. So much so that I went ahead and found the pieces to pull the look together myself.

Check it out:


buy the look 10-2-14.jpg