Home Tour: Part 2

Remember when I gave you a home tour way back when? I labeled it "Part 1" but have yet to give you a second part. Ring a bell? If not, you can revisit that blog post here.  

I figured it was about time I give you another look into our space and what we've accomplished so far.  I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but my dad owns our lovely condo.  He's been renting it out for years but always told us that if we ever moved back it would be available for us.  We are lucky enough to rent it from him at a great price -- we could never afford a place like this in SB if it weren't for him.  Thanks dad!! Unfortunately we won't live here forever and it will most likely go back to a rental space in the future -- thus, all the changes are simple and cost effective.  Oh, and we have been consumed with a baby so... 

Here is another peek into some of the things we've accomplished so far:

The fireplace got a facelift.  The pink mosaic tile looked like it belonged in a bathroom from the 80s.  It HAD to go.  I love the rustic, industrial look of concrete and knew it would be cheaper than the gorgeous stone slab I saw in my dreams.  So we hired someone to remove the tile and pour concrete in it's place.  If I really had my way (and $$) I would have upgraded the mantel and removed the strange trim around the wall but like I said, these are quick fixes that would provide our most bang for our buck.  Next on the list? I would love to paint the inside of the fireplace box black and upgrade the glass enclosure.  My husband says I'm never satisfied.  

fireplace b&a.jpg

You may have also noticed the flooring upgrade.  The honey stained floors were a little outdated and were really really worn (see kitchen below).  We had the floors refinished in a simple walnut stain.  

The kitchen really just needed a good dose of paint.  The dark cabinets were dated and dirty.  I wanted to brighten up the space and white cabinets were calling my name.  I also took a little bit of a departure from my normal palette and painted the wall a light blue.  It was such a small amount of wall I thought it could afford the color.  Just try and ignore the hideous fluorescent lighting.  Yet another upgrade I would love to do down the road.

Next up was the nursery.  This room was actually the room I shared with my sister when I was little. Our beds were the built-in window seat -- twin mattresses on either side.  I thought it was the coolest thing ever.  We each had our own little nook to call our own.  Outside each of the windows is a view of the SB County Bowl. We would poke our heads out and listen to the concerts on a regular basis.  It's so crazy how things have come full circle.  I now put my baby to bed in the same room and he and I look out those same windows on concert night.  

Although some things stay the same, a lot had to change! First up was the carpet.  The previous renters had a dog and my husband is allergic. And then there was the carpet color....let's just say it wasn't my thing. We replaced it with a lighter neutral weave. I'm normally not a fan of wall to wall carpet but I am soooo glad we have it! PJ has just mastered crawling but it took a lot of falls to get to where he is now.  The carpet has really come in handy.  We also painted the built-in window seat to a crisp white and replaced the ugly orange curtains with white roman shades.  Can you tell I'm a fan of white??

PJ looking out the windows....


That's it for now! We are always working on something around here so stay tuned for more.