West Hollywood Library

The new West Hollywood Library is finally opening this weekend! Seeing as though I live just a couple blocks away, I have watched this building spring out of the ground and I have been anticipating its completion for a while now. It's located right across the street from the Pacific Design Center and it definitely has some style of it's own going on. I'm already a sucker for libraries but this one looks like a good one. I wish I was back in school so I could study here! Luckily my Fiance is going back to nursing school tomorrow so I will be sure to accompany him one of these days (whether he likes it or not).

 The article in today's Los Angeles Times mentions that "along with computer terminals and shelves full of actual books, it incorporates a pair of parking garages, rooftop tennis courts, murals by the street artists Shepard Fairey and Kenny Scharf and new chambers for the West Hollywood City Council." It was designed by Steve Johnson and James Favaro and cost a whopping $35 million to complete.

Just look at how gorgeous this place is....

The above photo is the children's theater - modeled after Michaelangelo's Laurentian Library in Florence. Can't wait to take my nephew here!

A Step Back in Time

We've been doing a lot of housekeeping over at my office and found some real treasures yesterday! The founder of the company is in his mid 80s and his design work was published as early as 1966. In between his stories and loooooong walk down memory lane I tried to snap some pics of the retro magazines. I wish I could take these home with me and browse for hours on end. So fun!

Some of this stuff is definitely back in style!
Let's hope this look doesn't make a comeback. Who wants to rake their carpet anyway?

I especially loved the ad for a free booklet telling women how they can become Interior Decorators!

And then there was the random Modern Bride magazine from 1974....I'm so grateful to be getting married in this century!

Desert Style

I just got back from spending the past four days in the desert sun of Phoenix, AZ.  My boyfriend and I went to celebrate the wedding of two amazing people and had a blast while doing it! Although I could never picture myself living in the desert I got to thinking about what I would do if I had the opportunity of designing a home there.  When I think about it I picture a modern home with clean lines, large windows and a minimalistic interior or a mid century space à la Palm Springs.  So here's what I'm envisioning...although I'm sure I would throw in a few more chachkies for good measure!

Luxe Interiors

Walls of Glass

My apartment has one wall that is all glass (a sliding glass door and windows on either side) - I think it's my favorite part about the space. It completely opens up the room and brings the outside in.  Too bad it doesn't look as chic as it does in these homes...