Powerful Pocket Doors

When I think of pocket doors I think about flat faced, hard to maneuver pieces of wood that would always get stuck in the wall (apparently that's what I grew up with). Fortunately times have changed. No can argue that they definitely serve a purpose. They are ideal for small spaces and allow a room to have an open concept with the option to close it off.  So why not pay more attention to their design?!

These doors have opened up my eyes to the world of possibilities...

Gray & Gold

A never fail color combo of mine is gray and gold. Gray is my all time favorite color and gold is classic and chic (when done right). Put the two together and you have a winning combination.  I am always drawn to rooms that play with these two colors - they look sophisticated and fun all at the same time. Don't you agree?

Peach & Lavender Perfection

Although I've always dreamt about my wedding, I never had a clear vision of what I wanted. So I really just started making decisions on pieces that I like and it has evolved from there. One of my first decisions was the bridesmaid dresses. I searched for a beautiful grey dress but ended up going with a more lavender grey. The color palette has grown from there and I am loving a peach and lavender combo.

I recently came across these images from event designer Kelly Oshiro and I'm so in love. This perfectly conveys the color palette I am currently dreaming of. What do you think?